Predictive intelligence

Prevention instead of Reaction.


Former hackers, Fighting hackers.™

Our products and services are backed by the same intelligence Global 500 firms and Governments rely upon in the fight against cyber crime.


Domain and Brand Risk Monitoring

Predict, Monitor, and Respond to nefarious representations of your brand(s) and intellectual property.

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Phishing Prevention

Stop Phishing before it arrives in your inbox. Leverage our intelligence platform and partner integrations to mitigate Phishing risks before they transpire.

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Deepweb/Darkweb Monitoring

Criminals and threat actors are targeting your brand, leverage the best in darkweb data analysis to learn of risks facing you and your industry.

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Senior Security Consultants

Our team is comprised of the brightest the industry has to offer. Beyond breadth of knowledge, each of our consultants maintain a depth of knowledge in various specialties and industries.

Strategic Security Planning

Just starting out or have a robust security program in place? Let us guide you around the myriad of security technologies and solutions to find the right fit for your firm.

Security assessments and audits

Do you need to meet SOC compliance standards? What about HIPAA, PCI, NYDFS, CCPC? It seems like every day new standards and rules appear, let us guid you through these programs and ensure you exceed the standard.

Incident Response

Security incidents will happen, it's how you handle them that matters. Whether facing external hackers or a disgruntled internal employee, our investigative team are here to help you detect, respond, and mitigate your risks.

Forensic Investigation

Do you need investigative support for an incident? Our forensics experts are here to help with Hardware and Software forensic imaging and support. Using the latest in industry and court approved technologies, we'll provide you and your team with everything necessary to ensure the best course of response.

Expert Legal Testimony

A 400 page forensic report is fine, but who is going to explain it in laymans terms to a jury? Our team of experts have provided expert testimony and support for some of the largest security breaches and insider incidents in the world.

Training and Education

Everyone starts somewhere, let us work with you and your team to develop or impliment security awarenress training, product training, and more.


Attacks focused on small business

3,809,448 +

Number of records stolen daily


No. of breaches due to human error


Number of new malware samples created daily

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